• McDonald's McDonald's

    -    McDonalds, Slaveykov, Sofia
    -    McDonalds, Mladost
    -    McDonalds, Maritza Plovdiv

  • Shell Bulgaria Shell Bulgaria

    -    Shell Dragichevo
    -    Shell Mladost
    -    Shell Maritza
    -    Shell Bourgas Komluka
    -    Shell Trakiya
    -    Shell Hadji Dimitur, Sofia
    -    Shell Gas Plant Plovdiv


  • Billa Billa

    -    Billa Slavia
    -    Billa Mladost

  • Devin Devin

    -    Завод за минерална вода Девин

  • Litex Litex

    -    Shell – Litex Project


  • Trace Trace

    Reference by CB Unionbank AD


    From CB Unionbank AD

    In this reference, we would like to express our appreciation for the implemented joint projects with Exsisto Ltd. for production of design concept for the electronic banking system of CB Unionbank AD and the portal page and an administrative module for content management of electronic channels for banking bank.

    Professionalism of the team Exsisto Ltd. contributed to the construction of a design concept for the electronic banking system of CB Unionbank AD complies with all requirements imposed due to present the bank's corporate vision as well as all standards and rules for design and usability of Web applications.

    Numerous consultations provided by the team working on the project contributed to the creation of functionality offers significant advantages for all customers elektronno banking channel of the bank. Idea submitted by Exsisto Ltd. during the project led to development of portal page of the electronic banking system, enabling proactive communication with all our customers and contributing to the significant rise in the value offered by CB Unionbank services and their substantial differentiation from all competing proposals.

    Nature of the project and the challenge for him to work together several companies contractors do not impede the Exsisto Ltd. and all questions, competent and very quickly receive their decision.

    Successful collaboration with Exsisto Ltd. allows us to give our appreciation for quality of service and time limits for tasks and for the professionalism and responsiveness of our team.

    I strongly recommend Exsisto Ltd., as a competent, reliable and honest business partner.


    Emil Vuchkov
    Monitoring sales
    Quality Control and Electronic channels

  • Piccadilly Piccadilly

    -    Piccadilly Varnenchik
    -    Piccadilly Sofia Mall

  • Praktiker Praktiker

    -    Praktiker Tzarigradsko shose
    -    Praktiker Varna