About Us

MMTT Petkov Engineering Ltd is a new generation company, designated to cover all elements of the investment process,starting  from marketing up to the market realization  of the investment product.
The main segment of the company is the process of the investment and its management, enlarged  with the  creation a current, problem-oriented marketing, design and maintenance of the object of the investment  activity.
The company generates the  prosperity on the basis of its experience for the last 15 years   in the field of the investment  in Bulgaria, enriched with the latest management strategies applicable to modern business requirements .
Our partnership with some of the biggest global companies such as Shell, McDonald's, Billa, Erste Group and others, allow us to expand our vision and  consideration  Bulgaria as part of a global puzzle of the  business.
An important element of our business is our good relationships with  some of the most significant  science  centers in the field of economics and business, such as  business schools at Harvard and Cornell, IESE and many others.
The company is also an active participant in the creation and management of the Harvard Center for Economic Strategies at Sofia University, and other structures and ideas related to the innovation and raising the quality status of the economy in our country.
In its activities MMTT Petkov Engineering Ltd is managed by a system of principles as the company's values, namely:

Social Responsibility